e-CATapult 2021


Complete Video-based Self Learning Program

Bell the CAT with the help of CAT 100 percentilers and senior mentors .The comprehensive 160+ hrs online program (live Sessions & video content) gives you the flexibility to prepare for CAT and all other entrance exams like XAT, NMAT & SNAP at your convenient pace, time & location.

Master concepts through our concept videos. Practice 5000+ questions. Maximize your percentile with our Maximiser Program and finally test yourself with 100 full-length Mocks including 40 SimCATs. Analyze your test with our superior analytics and fine tune your preparation accordingly.

1. Course curriculum delivered & designed by 100 percentilers and senior academicians.

2. Comprehensive coverage – Covers CAT as well as other exams like XAT, NMAT, SNAP, IIFT etc.

3. Comprehensive coverage for all exams with 135+ hrs of video content & Live online sessions (25 hrs) by CAT 100 percentilers & mentors

4. Superior Analytics including score improvement analysis to help you identify your strengths & weakness.

  • 135+ hrs of video content (400+ videos)
  • 12+ Live Sessions under ‘Master Class’ Series (25 hrs)
  • 5000+ Questions (across Learn & Practice module)
  • 100 full-length mocks (40 SimCATs & 60 ADMATs)
  • 15 Intensive Maximiser Workshops
  • Dedicated Telegram group for Doubt Solving & Discussion
  • Complete Set of 9 books (Hard Copy)
  • ADMAT Video Workshop Series
  • Access to online GK Zone (GK portal )

Detailed Description The entire learning is designed using IMS’s proven L.P.T (Learn-Practice-Test) approach

Learn Module

  • 60+ hrs of concept & application videos across all sections. Watch sample videos here
  • 3300+ concept level questions arranged topic-wise . For each topic, the questions appear in increasing order of difficulty.

Practice Module

  • Practice 2000+ questions (arranged area wise )across 3 levels of difficulty. This will ensure that you are prepared to tackle the simCATs and other exams

Test Module

Once you are ready to test your skills, prepare to ace the CAT with

  • 30 section tests (10 each in QA, LRDI, VA)
  • 40 simCATs (15 Proctored simCATs & 25 take-home)
  • 60 ADMAT full length Mocks ( across 11 exams). Know more

Masterclass Series

  • A series of 12 Live online sessions of 2 hours each.Watch sample videos here
  • Here is your opportunity to learn from CAT 100 percentilers and senior mentors. We are democratizing access to the best with these online sessions!
  • The session involves live question solving (by you and the mentor) so it is closest to a classroom experience.
  • Each session is designed module wise (e.g. Algebra, Geometry, RC) & important question types, shortcut and strategies used by 100 percentilers.
  • Modules (like Algerbra, Geometry) with 250+ actual CAT questions solved.
  • Recordings of these live sessions will be made available for later viewing.

E-Maximiser Workshops

15 Intensive workshops of 3 hours each will be available for viewing. These workshops are designed to teach you advanced concepts and applications. These workshops are based on the popular IMS Maximizer classroom workshops.

The Channel

  • 15+ Additional workshops to cover topics in other exams like XAT, NMAT, SNAP. Know more
  • Informational & Strategy videos to assist you in form-filing and develop a strategy for each ADMAT exam
  • Recordings for all live Sessions will be made available so that the same session can be viewed later

Comprehensive Study Material

  • Set of 9 books ( hard copies) including Specific books for Vocabulary and Speed Math
  • The books follow a modular pattern as followed in IMS Classroom
  • The study material will cover all concepts, solved examples and have practice exercises with detailed solutions.
  • Upon enrollment, instant access to e-books is provided. Hard copy material will take 7-14 days to reach the student given the serviceability of the PIN code.

Dedicated Doubt Solving Group

  • Dedicated Telegram groups for enrolled students only   Watch here
  • IMS Mentors will solve academic doubts & other queries within 24 working hours

Access to GK Zone:

GK Zone is the one stop solution to all your GK needs. You will have access to

  • Weekly Current Affairs bulletin & quiz
  • Comprehensive e-book covering Static GK & 1000+ questions to help you retain key facts.
  • Exam-wise GK: For each exam, we shall provide you with a compendium & a question bank to ensure that you maximize your GK score in each exam.