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IELTS® LIVE – Online Classroom

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What is IELTS®?2020-08-15T05:12:54+00:00

IELTS® is International English Language Testing System. It measures the language proficiency of non-native speakers who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication. It uses a nine-band scale to clearly identify levels of proficiency, from non-user (band score 1) through to expert (band score 9).

What dose IELTS® test?2020-08-15T05:17:56+00:00

IELTS® tests all four language skills that are important for effective communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The structure of the IELTS® is as follows:

Reading (60 minutes) (Scoring scale: 0-9 bands) Reading section has 3 passages and 40 items (questions). Each item is worth one mark.

Writing (60 minutes) (Scoring scale: 0-9 bands) Writing section consists of 2 tasks (Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2) and candidates must answer BOTH tasks.

Listening (40 minutes) (Scoring scale: 0-9 bands) Listening section has four sections, each with 10 items (or questions). Each item is worth one mark.

Speaking (11-14 minutes) (Scoring scale: 0-9 bands) Speaking test is a face-to-face interaction between the candidate and an examiner

Which Organisation conducts IELTS®?2020-08-15T05:24:20+00:00

IELTS® is conducted in India by IDP and British Council. For detailed information about

IELTS®, please refer to the official website of IELTS®

What is the validity of IELTS®2020-08-15T05:24:13+00:00

IELTS® is valid for 2years.

What is the scoring pattern of IELTS®?2020-08-15T05:23:56+00:00

IELTS® is scored on a scale of 0 to 9 Bands with .5 band increment. The scores of all the four sections are considered and the average is taken as an overall score. The scorecard reflects scores of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking along with the Overall score.

How much does it cost to take ielts?2020-08-15T05:27:52+00:00

IELTS® test costs 13,250.

When do we get score of IELTS®?2020-08-15T05:29:42+00:00

IELTS® The scores are available 13 days after the exam date.

How can we forward score to universities?2020-08-15T05:30:50+00:00

One may request for additional Test Report Form (TRF) to be dispatched directly by the test centre to the recognising institution/body.